Winglake Capital


Farmington Hills, MI



Company size

22 employees

Owned by

Shaya Baum



About the Company

Winglake Capital, renowned for its expertise in aiding businesses with Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) debts, offers both financial relief and extensive consulting services. They specialize in restructuring debts and providing sustainable solutions for long-term financial stability.

Presenting problem

Winglake Capital faced a critical challenge in the manual and time-consuming process of assembling monthly portfolio reports for investors. Additionally, the method of recording Profit and Loss (P&L) statements for borrowers was inefficient and cumbersome.

Takuma’s Solution

Takuma Technology implemented a series of Salesforce-based solutions to streamline and enhance Winglake Capital’s operations.

  • Automated Monthly Reporting: We automated the investor reporting process using Salesforce and Nintex Drawloop, significantly streamlining and accelerating the generation of these crucial reports.
  • P&L Statement Management: An upload system for P&L statements was developed within Salesforce, centralizing data and eliminating the need for manual Excel work, thereby reducing complexity and time requirements.
  • Custom Payment Application Process: We introduced a unique custom payment application process in Salesforce, allowing payments to be applied to open line items based on Winglake’s specific model, rather than the standard First-In-First-Out (FIFO) method.
  • Website Integration for Lead Capture: The integration of Winglake’s website with Salesforce enabled direct capture of leads, eliminating the need for manual data entry and improving lead management efficiency.
  • Management Teams for Merchants and Loans: We enhanced operational processes by introducing Management Teams for each merchant and loan in Salesforce. This included the creation of associated fields and processes to capture, track, and assign tasks effectively.
  • Decoupling Loans and Consulting Agreements: We separated loans and consulting agreements into distinct products within Salesforce. This allowed for the extension of consulting agreements beyond the duration of the loans, offering more flexibility in client management.
  • QuickBooks Integration: Integration with QuickBooks streamlined accounting processes, while an API callout to retrieve financial data from QBO for monthly reporting enhanced overall financial management.

Long-term Impact

The transformation at Winglake Capital is substantial. The automation of reporting and the enhanced P&L management system have dramatically reduced manual labor and improved efficiency. The custom payment application and website integration have further streamlined operations, ensuring more accurate and efficient handling of financial transactions and lead management. The introduction of Management Teams and the decoupling of loans and consulting agreements have provided additional operational flexibility and improved client service. The integration with QuickBooks has ensured a more synchronized and error-free financial management system.

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