Give your business meaning

Use Takuma-powered Salesforce to run your business with a holistic view, letting users navigate multiple systems in a meaningful way.

Customize your ‘force

As a Salesforce client, you might be aware of untapped possibilities and frustrated by unfulfilled promises. So much potential can be uncovered with well-implemented Salesforce and an efficient process. Create a flow that gets the right information to the right people at the right time.

Cross-software solutions

Manage sales cycles

Simplify the work of sales and delight your team with an intuitive system that covers all your bases. Free up your staff to focus where you need them most.

Enhance customer experience

Unify sales, service, and finance for a stellar customer experience. Give your customers and your team access to the information they need when and where they need it.

Scale operations

Concretize your processes into formal flows which allow you to scale without worrying about manual edits and errors. System built to scale just work.

Simplify reporting

Our software and process designs prioritize reporting, ensuring that your data can provide clear and straightforward answers when new questions emerge.

Innovating at every step



  • Share an overview of existing processes
  • Surface pain points at all levels
  • Explore existing systems technologies, and processes
  • Prioritize goals, projects, and key metrics


  • Dive deeper with representative team members
  • Discover various angles of objectives, goals, and processes.
  • Take key objectives into account, such as sales, surfacing metrics, KPIs, employee performance and process adherence
  • Focus on how your software helps or hinders tasks


  • Develop a project plan that works for you – agile, waterfall, project price, or time and materials
  • Deliver rapid response if necessary, or plan a more structured approach
  • Prioritize lowest cost/highest impact, plan project phases to work with cash flow and evolving business
  • Evaluate buy vs. build


  • Address phases individually, solve inefficiencies and handle training and transitioning
  • Use best practices, reduce long-term maintenance, and build transferable solutions
  • Measure impact and performance for sustainable success and growth
  • Constantly iterating based on feedback

Our clients say it best

“I was very satisfied with my experience with Takuma. They were very helpful in helping my business operations. It’s rare to find someone who understands the in-depth nuances of a business flow like Jonathan Adlerstein. Highly recommended!”

Aryeh Freund, Newtel Systems