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Get a holistic view of your entire nonprofit, including information related to donors, users, reports and grants.

See the whole picture

When you’re running a nonprofit, estimations and exaggerations can backfire. You need access to real metrics to make key decisions. Lost or duplicate information can make the difference between swim or sink, and accurate reports that highlight your achievements are crucial to keeping your donors engaged and interested.

In a world of unlimited nonprofits, you want to stand out.

Takuma gives you the tools to make your nonprofit count.

Donor management

Cultivate strong relationships with your supporters by tracking every interaction, giving history, and program interest. Gain insights to personalize your outreach, time your appeals perfectly, and ensure every donor feels appreciated for their contributions.

Delivery Metrics

Monitor the impact of your programs by tracking recipient engagement, progress, and outcomes. Gain valuable insights to optimize your offerings, ensure resources are allocated effectively, and communicate your nonprofit's impact to stakeholders and funders with robust reporting.

Grant Tracking

Stay on top of your grant applications, deliverables, and reporting requirements with ease. Powerful grant tracking tools help you manage deadlines, monitor progress, and measure outcomes, ensuring compliance and positioning your organization for continued funding success.

Systems Integrations

Eliminate manual data entry and ensure accuracy across all platforms. Automatically sync data and generate comprehensive impact report and grant application materials, saving time and resources while providing a holistic view of performance and success.

Innovating at every step



  • Meet with executives and key staff to get a high level overview of your mission and methods.
  • Identify your funding sources and flows.
  • Discover how your existing systems, technologies, and processes work together and where they don’t.
  • Initially prioritize  goals, projects, and key metrics.


  • Dive deeper with representative team members
  • Conduct interviews to discover individual roles, siloed information, repetitive tasks, and system hindrances
  • Analyze key objectives such as donor management, sustained giving, grant tracking, service deliveries, campaigns, program and event management, and volunteering
  • Focus on how your software helps or hinders tasks, and how information flows between individuals


  • Develop a project plan that works for your organization, board, and budget
  • Deliver rapidly
  • Help prioritize lowest cost/highest impact, plan project phases to work with cash flow and evolving business


  • Address phases individually, solving inefficiencies and handling training and transitioning
  • Use best practices, reduce long-term maintenance, and build extensible, transferable solutions, training users along the way
  • Measure impact and performance for sustainable success and growth

Our clients say it best

“We hired Takuma to create systems in our daily work routine. Thanks to their expertise we were able to streamline our registration and maximize our processes to achieve real results. I’d recommend Takuma to anyone looking for effective Salesforce implementation.”

Simcha Tolwin, Aish Hatorah Detroit

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