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15 employees

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Aryeh Freund



About the Company

NewTel, a leader in providing managed network, business services, and hosting for small to medium-sized businesses across North America, is renowned for its top-tier service and support. Specializing in fully-managed phone system solutions, NewTel allows companies to concentrate on their core business activities. Known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, NewTel offers corporate managed solutions at competitive pricing, significantly reducing upfront costs.

Presenting problem

NewTel sought to elevate its customer interaction capabilities within Salesforce. Their goal was to implement a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) application that would seamlessly blend with their existing systems, enhancing efficiency and customer service.

Takuma’s Solution

Takuma Technology embarked on developing a bespoke CTI application using Salesforce’s Open CTI framework. This project involved creating a custom API layer that would integrate flawlessly with NewTel’s backend systems. The development of the CTI application was comprehensive, encompassing all aspects from the ground up to ensure full compatibility and functionality within the Salesforce environment. The newly developed CTI application brought a suite of advanced features to NewTel’s Salesforce platform. Key functionalities included screen pops for inbound calls, allowing customer service representatives to have immediate access to caller information, enhancing the customer experience. Additionally, the click-to-dial feature was implemented, streamlining the process of making outgoing calls directly from Salesforce. These features, typical of sophisticated CTI systems, were tailored to align with NewTel’s specific operational needs.

Long-term Impact

The implementation of the custom CTI application transformed the way NewTel interacts with its customers. The integration of telephony and Salesforce CRM functionalities led to a significant improvement in efficiency and customer service. Representatives now handle calls more effectively, with immediate access to critical customer information, leading to quicker resolution of inquiries and enhanced customer satisfaction. The click-to-dial feature simplified outbound communication, saving time and reducing the likelihood of dialing errors. Overall, the CTI integration underscored NewTel’s commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide the highest quality service at the lowest price, in line with their mission.

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