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15 team members

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Leah Paskus



About the Company

Landstone Capital Group, a distinguished mortgage broker, specializes in a variety of loans including construction, bridge, permanent, SBA, Mezzanine, and owner-occupied loans. Their commitment to meticulous loan structuring and a strong focus on building relationships underpins their business philosophy. With nearly three decades of experience, Landstone prides itself on a hands-on approach, eschewing shortcuts and automations for personalized, detailed service. Their dedication to positive internal culture, client perspectives, and lender relationships is integral to their success in crafting complex loan agreements.

Presenting problem

Landstone Capital Group faced a significant challenge in tracking their diverse range of loans and clients. Without a robust system in place, some deals were slipping through the cracks, hindering their ability to provide the meticulous, full-service treatment that they are known for.

Takuma’s Solution

Takuma Technology introduced Salesforce CRM as the solution to Landstone’s organizational challenges. Recognizing the unique needs and internal language of the company, we embarked on extensive customization of the CRM system. Our goal was to ensure that the CRM not only aligned with Landstone’s specific processes and terminologies but also reinforced their commitment to detailed and strategic loan processing. We meticulously defined entry and exit criteria for each deal stage within the CRM, ensuring a structured approach to every loan. This allowed Landstone to track and manage loan requests effectively, guaranteeing that each loan received the comprehensive treatment that is the hallmark of their service. Additionally, we systemized the handoff process between teams within Salesforce. This ensured a seamless transition of responsibilities and information, maintaining the integrity and continuity of each loan’s journey through different stages.

Long-term Impact

The implementation of Salesforce CRM transformed Landstone Capital Group’s operations. The tailored customization of the system meant that Landstone could now efficiently track all loans and client interactions, aligning with their high standards of accuracy and attention to detail. The defined criteria for each deal stage and the streamlined handoff process between teams enhanced internal coordination, ensuring that no loan or client was overlooked. This new level of organization and efficiency reinforced Landstone’s values of building strong relationships and delivering exceptional service, enabling them to continue making complex deals happen.

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