Friendship Circle of Michigan


Detroit, Michigan



Company size

30 employees

Owned by

Levi and Bassi Shemtov



About the Company

Friendship Circle is a beacon of inclusion, offering friendship and community to individuals with special needs and those experiencing isolation. Their commitment to creating an inclusive environment is evident through initiatives like the Life Skills Village, artistic endeavors at Soul Studio, and vocational training at Soul Cafe and Dakota Bakery. Their programs not only foster friendship but also provide critical support to individuals with special needs and their families.

Presenting problem

When Friendship Circle approached us, their initial pain point was that their in-house Salesforce admin was leaving and they needed someone to take over.

Upon further diagnosis

Friendship Circle was grappling with a fragmented information ecosystem. Their teams, working in silos, heavily relied on spreadsheets and separate documents, leading to multiple instances of the same data being entered in different places. This disjointed approach resulted in significant inefficiencies, including a lack of unified data visibility. Crucially, it obscured the clarity and insight necessary for effective reporting and decision-making by the executives. This organizational challenge was hindering their ability to fully support their community and live up to their mission.

Takuma’s Solution

In addressing the challenges faced by Friendship Circle, Takuma Technology implemented a multi-faceted approach. The introduction of the Program Management Module (PMM) and the launch of an Experience Cloud family portal were key components. We seamlessly linked these systems, creating a unified platform for managing donations, registrations, participation, attendance, volunteering activities, and art purchases from the Soul Gallery store. This transformational change meant that families now needed to complete their profile information only once. Through the user-friendly portal, they could easily access program areas, register for different programs, process payments, apply discounts, and manage their family members’ details. Furthermore, all of Friendship Circle’s fundraising campaigns and events were integrated into this new system. This integration provided a cohesive view of their operations, greatly enhancing efficiency and decision-making capabilities. The new system not only simplified processes for families but also brought much-needed clarity and insight for the executive team, the grant development team, and the finance department. By centralizing and streamlining data, Takuma Technology’s solution revolutionized how Friendship Circle operates, enabling them to focus more on their mission and less on administrative complexities.

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